A number of reviews in leading scientific journals have recently been released. Read through the excerpts below and see what the experts think about Visual Cloning.
"In short, Visual Cloning is powerful in its ability to quickly draw plasmid maps. The advantage of a direct link between the Internet and the workspace that this program provides cannot be overemphasized. There is virtually no learning curve for Visual Cloning; anyone can pick it up and draw a professional-looking map within minutes."
Stem Cells
"I found Visual Cloning intuitively easy to use and understand... In my opinion, Visual Cloning is a worthwhile and time-saving software application, which would be beneficial for most labs."
The Scientist
"Visual Cloning provides another first for the genomics community. The program provides what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) graphics and tight integration with Internet databases."
Frontiers in Bioscience
"Overall, this easy to use map designing and cloning program should become essential software for those who wish to embark on cloning and then wish to display their strategies with elegant and precise maps."
Biotech Software and Internet Report
"[Redasoft Visual Cloning provides] an easy and rapid means to produce and manipulate plasmid maps, with additional abilities to design the map based upon a DNA sequence template... Overall Visual Cloning is quite an impressive, easy-to-use and stable package."
Journal of New Seeds
"Visual Cloning software is extremely timely and synergistic, and brings together the powerful features of bioinformatics and the Internet... In my opinion, Visual Cloning is a unique and very versatile software application for the molecular biologist and will undoubtedly save researchers time and cost."
Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
"Having constructed a number of maps for grants and presentations, we were astounded at the ease of making changes in the figures through the editing environment mode. In short, the graphical package of this program is everything the product claims... Compared to the best-known, high-end mapping programs, Redasoft's Visual Cloning is very reasonably priced and well-worth exploring."
New Phytologist
"Intuitive, comprehensive and affordable... The main strongpoint of the package is, however, the quality of the vector/insert maps. These are not only very clear, and rival those produced with more powerful packages, but can be manipulated easily to contain primer binding and restriction enzyme sites."
Biotechnology Advances
"[Visual Cloning is] marvelous to work with, very user friendly... it is much more flexible than many of the other available software packages."
In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology - Plant
"The real strength of this program lies in its intuitive and impressive graphics interface... very useful, and very affordable... powerful software for the molecular biologist."