"Having constructed a number of maps for grants and presentations, we were astounded at the ease of making changes in the figures through the editing environment mode. In short, the graphical package of this program is everything the product claims"
Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
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 Draw and Publish Plasmid Maps showing Genes, Restriction Sites, Primers and more

Draw Accurate Plasmid Maps
Turn any DNA sequence into a graphical map instantly! Visual Cloning has the best graphics available in any comparable software. Its advanced editing environment helps you create precise, consistent, accurate maps. Features like WYSIWYG, auto alignment, and multiple maps per page make it easier than ever to generate impressive figures.

Customize Everything
With Visual Cloning, you can create highly customized maps and sequences in a flash. Its integrated design lets you perform multiple analyses and add the results you want to the map or sequence you're working with. Add restriction sites, primers, or motifs to your map with a click of the mouse to clearly show your experiment strategy.

Export and Publish Figures
Visual Cloning gives you greater flexibility in publishing your results. It lets you export map images in many graphics formats, including BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG and EPS, making it easy to publish to the web or create marketing materials. Now you can also export your analysis results to other software like Microsoft Excel, so you can include them in your presentations and publications for added emphasis.