"In my opinion, Visual Cloning is a worthwhile and time-saving software application, which would be beneficial for most labs."
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 Design PCR Primers and Simulate Cloning Experiments In Silico

Design PCR Primers
Select optimal PCR primers, hybridization oligos and restriction enzymes for your experiments. Simply select your parameters, then sit back and let it do the work. No more errors from unnecessary extra steps, copying/pasting or manual entry - saving you time and frustration!

Edit Sequences Directly
The new advanced graphical sequence editor in Visual Cloning gives you greater control than ever. If you are more comfortable with the raw letters in front of you, it lets you see what you're doing at the sequence level and make precise base manipulations. The split view even lets you see the effects of your changes displayed live on the graphical map.

Simulate Cloning Experiments In Silico
Visual Cloning's in silico cloning feature makes it easy to simulate your cloning experiments. Insert and delete fragments from your sequences and see what the resulting sequence looks like. Visual Cloning will even help you reconcile incompatible ends. The integrated analyses will help you to predict the outcomes of restriction digests, PCR, and other experiments on your new clone.