"Overall, this easy to use map designing and cloning program should become essential software for those who wish to embark on cloning and then wish to display their strategies with elegant and precise maps."
Frontiers in Bioscience
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 Organize Your DNA Sequences and Cloning Vector Maps

Cloning Vector Search Engine
Visual Cloning has the industry's first integrated vector search engine. You can use it to find a vector sequence, instantly convert it to a graphical map, then design an experiment with it - all without leaving the software!

Import Any Sequence, Local Or Online
Visual Cloning makes it easy to import sequences from a variety of files, both locally and online. If you are making the transition from a Mac to a PC, you can import all your Strider files. Simply said, Visual Cloning can import any file type - and if you find a type it can't import, let us know and we'll add it!

Centralize Storage Of Information
Visual Cloning keeps all your sequences, analyses and maps in one place. You can do an analysis, show the results on the map and the sequence, and print, copy, or save it all together, and go back to look at it anytime you want. You'll never lose that piece of paper with the important results on it again!

Link Analyses To Maps
In Visual Cloning, your analyses and sequence maps are tightly linked. You can choose the results of any analysis that you want to show on the map and the raw sequence. No more switching back and forth between different programs and websites and having your data and drawings all scattered about!