"There is virtually no learning curve for Visual Cloning; anyone can pick it up and draw a professional- looking map within minutes."
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 Analyze DNA Sequences Visually with Integrated Alignment and BLAST

Align and BLAST Your Sequences
Visual Cloning makes sequence alignment and BLAST simple because it has the most extensive and seamless Web integration of any comparable software. Not only does it give you instant access to the resources you need on the Web, but it helps you even more by automatically filling in your sequence for you. You'll save time and effort by combining the extensive resources of the Web with the power of the desktop.

Start Page Turns Novices Into Pros
Now you can get started with Visual Cloning as soon as you open it! The new Start page puts everything you need at your fingertips to immediately be productive with the software. You'll find it easy to import your sequences and start working with them right away.

Analyze All Sequences Visually
Visual Cloning puts all the analytical power you need in one place. Plus, with the analyses tightly connected to the graphical map and sequence, you'll be able to see and make sense of the results you get in the context of your sequence. Whether you need to do a restriction analysis, find PCR primers, search for motifs or ORFs, do a BLAST search or a multiple sequence alignment, you'll find it all in Visual Cloning.